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Learn about the dental services we provide

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The best way to protect your smile, is good oral health and dental hygiene. Let our dentists guide you through the process of creating good habits for a healthy mouth. 


Visiting the dentist no longer has to be frightening, we let your mind wander during treatment as you watch a movie or listen to music. For those with serious anxiety we can comfort you with an extra care. YES Dental Clinic offers a safe, pleasant way to help you relax during longer appointments. At YES Dental Clinic we look forward to being able to make your visit comfortable and friendly, while providing a service you can depend on.


Our Routine Initial procedures are thorough and offered at affordable prices with you in mind.

CS 9000 Extraoral Imaging System 

Outstanding digital panoramic and cephalometric quality, each and every time.

The CS 9000 system combines high-quality digital panoramic imaging and optional one-shot cephalometric and focused field cone beam CT (CBCT) capabilities, making it a smart way to upgrade existing equipment or add new dental imaging services. And its affordability and proven reliability, even in demanding, high-volume environments, make it an exceptional value. 

Our services

  • Individual care consultations

  • Periodic x-rays to detect decay, bone loss or tumours

  • Oral cancer screening

  • Full-mouth dental and periodontal (gum) exams

  • Tips on thorough cleaning & flossing

  • Comprehensive treatment planning

  • Full mouth rehabilitation

  • Wisdom tooth/surgical extractions

  • Twilight dentistry(sedation) for painless treatment

  • Dentures


Healthy maintenance of your teeth and gum tissue creates a strong oral immune system. This strong immune system is systemic.  A healthy mouth contributes to a healthy body.

Time Frame

One visit every six months is generally recommended for oral care and cosmetic maintenance. 

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