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Our doctors maintain proficiency in the latest technologies and techniqes in dentistry. We offer the most advanced technology a dental office can possibly offer to provide a safe, efficient environment. At YES Dental Clinic we look forward to being able to make your visit comfortable and friendly, while providing a service you can depend on.


"I had 4 implants done in the lower jaws after bone graft, and cure all Gum Diseases which I had years.  At last, I can have meal without any pain and difficulties.  It was painless & comforting procedure which I was so impressed by. The steps as it progressed which kept me relaxed & soothed.  He & his team are ‘par excellent’ and we would certainly recommend them to anyone in Georgia as a dental treatment which is both affordable and of very high standards in terms of skills and equipment.

Kudos to Dr. Joseph Kim & his team for a job well done and we will certainly go back to YES Dental clinic for all our specialized dental care.. "


Dr. Soon Ae Kim at YES CLINIC is a licensed Acupuncture & Chiropractor with wide and broad experiences.

Check out our Acupuncture / Chiropractic website by clicking on images below.

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