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Cosmetic dentistry is right for anyone who desires an improved quality of life, a brighter smile, better oral health or improved self-esteem.  Incredible Smiles—a YES Dental Clinic cosmetic dentist team—is well trained and utilizes current materials, equipment, and techniques.  

It is dental treatment that improves the beauty and health of one’s smile.  Nearly every dental procedure has 2 elements: aesthetics and function. The quality cosmetic dentist takes both of these elements into consideration, so that one may rest assured they will not only look great, but enjoy hassle free long-term results.  


Our YES Dental Clinic cosmetic dentists cover a multitude of procedures from teeth whitening to repairing, straightening, replacing or enhancing the appearance of one’s teeth and smile. Most common is the use of Cosmetic Veneers or Laminates. These thin, but durable restorations are much more conservative to the natural tooth than traditional crowns and have become a very popular way to enhance a smile. In certain procedures dental bonding can be a way to shape teeth as well.



The YES Dental Clinic dentists provide more than just a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.  According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), it has also been shown to improve a person’s overall health and emotional well-being.  An improved smile can boost a person’s self-image, making them more confident in their daily lives.  It is for anyone who desires to improve the quality of their smile, oral health, or quality of life.  The very essence almost always improves one’s bite, health, and function.


Cosmetic dental work is probably not as expensive as you think. The cost of cosmetic dentistry depends on how much you want or need. Like any cosmetic process, costs will vary with the amount of product or services you desire. A skilled cosmetic dentist can explain various fees and the best procedure for you. Also, some cosmetic dental options are covered by insurance if “need” can be established. People often take advantage of a monthly payment plan provided through YES Dental Clinic 

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